We aim to be a Creative Corporation founded on Commitment and Confidence.

Kyoto 1805, “Zeniya (錢屋)” was founded as a currency exchange/
banking house. After 200 years of experience, history and change, we continue to look to the future.
In 2005 we changed our name to ZYCC. We kept the Z from Zeni(錢) and Y from ya(屋) to remind us of the path we have travelled.
We adopted “CC” to represent our values of Creativity, Confidence and Commitment.

Management Philosophy

Customer-oriented,Quality-oriented Human Respect Social Obligation
We value our the needs of our clients. We are constantly striving towards greater and greater quality in our work, no matter the scale of the project. We respect the individual, we work to nurture each of our staff members and help them grow.
Through individuality and personal growth we create an exciting and enjoyable corporate culture.
We encourage a balance in our staff, where work, home and society come together to create harmonious existence.
We strive to work ethically, with consideration of the environment and society to create a sustainable business.